The New York American College of Emergency Physicians exists to support quality emergency medical care and to promote the interest of emergency physicians.

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Residency, Fellowship and Education Resources

Explore the finest emergency medicine residency programs New York State has to offer, and learn which ones fit your needs.
New York State Residency Programs

Explore opportunities within New York State through the many fellowship program offerings across the state. Fellows work and learn in a various hospital settings.
New York State Fellowship Programs

Education Resources

A website filled with various EKGs. You can test your EKG knowledge with over 200 different EKGs.

A website with multiple EKGs. An EKG with a case is posted every week with answers and explanations to follow.


A website to enhance your skills and reading chest xrays. Use tutorial to increase your knowledge and skills in recognizing pathology on chest x rays.

A website to help you get better at radiology filled with individual cases, learning tutorials. Includes xrays and CT scans.

A great website with skeletal trauma radiology. Look through multiple cases with the  most common xray findings.

A great website for interactive learning of CT scans. You can scroll through the scan yourself and try and read it and then read the interactive answers afterwards.

A website with multiple EKGs. An EKG with a case is posted every week with answers and explanations to follow.


A website with teaching tools for reading ultrasounds. Includes cases and narrated lectures.

A website from sonosite makers. Contains various cases and lecture series on different exams.

A website with various ultrasound cases with associated images and findings.


Medical Blogs
A digit connection to the world of EM. Here you can get access to different information in the world of EM, from PV cards to case discussions written by various contributing authors.

Dr. Scott Weingart's blog on critical care emergency medicine. Includes great information with podcasts and videos.

A great monthly podcast with information on the latest in emergency medcine. They discuss new articles and new guideline in emergency medicine. May require payment.

A link to EMRA's webpage with other educational blogs created by leading emergency medicine physicians.