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E-Prescribing Bill Signed Into Law

Governor Cuomo signed into law the bill to allow pharmacists to transfer electronic prescriptions at the request of a patient. Thanks to all who responded to the action alert last week and sent a letter of support.
The full bill text can be found here.

11/18/2016 Urgent Action Alert
E-Prescribing Pharmacy Transfer Bill on Governor Cuomo’s Desk

Send a Letter in Support of A.10448 (Schimel) to Governor Cuomo’s Office Today.

Legislation strongly supported by New York ACEP and passed by both houses of the State Legislature has been transmitted to Governor Andrew Cuomo. Governor Cuomo has 10 days, excluding Sundays and holidays, to either sign or veto this legislation.

Assembly bill 10448 (Schimel) allows a pharmacy to transfer an e-prescription to another pharmacy at the request of a patient when the pharmacy receiving the initial prescription is unable to fill it.

This legislation will enable consumers to get their prescriptions filled expeditiously when a pharmacy does not have a drug in stock and relieves physicians of the burden of re-issuing e-prescriptions unnecessarily.

Please personalize this letter and send it to Governor Cuomo’s Chief Counsel, Alphonso David, Esq. Please add your personal experiences, if any, with patients who have had trouble filling their e-prescriptions.

Please Act Today.