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Young Physician/Resident Leadership & Advocacy Award

This award was created to promote leadership and to advance political action and advocacy among emergency physicians through attendance at the ACEP Legislative Advocacy Conference and Leadership Summit April 25-28, 2021 in Washington, DC.

Applications for this award are now open. Click here to complete the Award Nomination Form.                            

Application Due Date November 15, 2020

Award Date
January 2, 2021

This award was created to promote young physician leadership and to advance political action and advocacy physicians through attendance at the ACEP Legislative Advocacy Conference and Leadership Summit in Washington, DC, April 25-28, 2021.

Young physician candidates must be within their first three years of practice. Resident candidates must be in good standing in an accredited residency program within New York State. Special consideration will be given to resident candidates planning to practice in New York State.

Maximum reimbursement $1,000 per recipient.

Number of Awards
A total of three awards will be given for both categories.

Award Requirements
The award recipients will attend the ACEP Legislative Advocacy Conference and Leadership Summit in Washington, DC, the Leadership and Advocacy Essentials for Residents and Young Physicians session and stay through and participate in Senate/House visits with New York ACEP Leadership.

Selection Criteria
The applicant should be able to demonstrate in their application their leadership potential and their interest in political action, advocacy, or leadership. The applicant’s desire to attend the conference should be clear, concise, and support a commitment to leadership and service as evidenced by their curriculum vitae or letter of recommendation. Applicants will be reviewed and screened by the Awards committee and recipients selected by the New York ACEP Board of Directors by majority vote.

2020 Resident Award Recipients
Kamini Doobay, MD
Diksha Mishra, MD
Sachin Santhakumar, MD

2019 Young Physician Award Recipient
Justin M. Fuehrer, DO FAWM

2019 Resident Award Recipients
Theodore Albright, MD
Suman J. Gupta, MD

2018 Young Physician Award Recipient
Vincent Calleo, MD

2018 Resident Award Recipient
Kathleen Y. Li, MD

2017 Young Physician Award Recipient
L. Carlos Zapata, MD, Nassau University Medical Center

2017 Resident Award Recipients
Saira Mehmood, MD, St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Center
Matthew Merriman, MD, University of Rochester Medical Center

2016 Resident Award Recipients
Olu Akindutire, MD, SUNY Downstate/Kings County Hospital
Bonnie Brown, DO, SUNY Downstate/Kings County Hospital
Jean Sun, MD, Mount Sinai Health System

2015 Resident Award Recipients
Nupur Garg, MD, Mount Sinai Medical Center
Carlos A. Peñaherrera, MD, Staten Island University Hospital

2014 Resident Award Recipients
Shahram Ahari, MD MPH, University of Rochester
Brenda Oiyemhonlan, MD MHSA MPH, Kings County Hospital Center/ SUNY Downstate Medical Center

2014 Young Physician Award Recipient
Jennifer Pugh, MD MBA, SUNY at Buffalo

2013 Resident Award Recipients
Katherine M. Nacca, MD, SUNY Upstate
Jeffrey C. Moon, MPH MD, University of Rochester

2012 Resident Award Recipient
Vincent Roddy, MD, Mount Sinai Medical Center

2011 Resident Award Recipients
Brian T. Kloss, DO, SUNY Upstate Medical University
Enesha Cobb, MD, SUNY Health Sciences Center at Brooklyn

2010 Young Physician Award Recipient
Amy D. Leuthauser, MD, New York Medical College

2010 Resident Award Recipients
Jarone Lee, MD, St. Lukes Roosevelt
Peter V. Tilney, DO, Albany Medical Center