The New York American College of Emergency Physicians exists to support quality emergency medical care and to promote the interest of emergency physicians.

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PAC Event attended by New York ACEP

New York ACEP Emergency Medicine Resident Committee Chair, Christina Tran, MD pictured to the right at a PAC event with Congressman Steve Israel (D-Huntington)

New York ACEP Scores a Major Victory on Out-of-Network (4/2/2014)

New York ACEP scored a major victory in the 2014-15 State Budget by getting an amendment to the Out-of-Network health insurance bill to exempt emergency services from the burdensome Independent Dispute Resolution (IDRE) process.

I want to thank the New York ACEP membership for joining me, Executive Director JoAnne Tarantelli, and our contract lobbyists Reid, McNally and Savage for working around the clock to stop health insurance companies from dictating fees for all emergency services in the State. Read more ...

Governor Releases New Budget (1/21/2014)

Assuring Quality Health Care for All New Yorkers (1/21/2014) Download 2014 Briefing Book (see page 39)

The Executive Budget continues historic Medicaid reforms of the Medicaid Redesign Team that are achieving better health care outcomes at a more sustainable cost. The Budget supports more effective models of care, sustains the State’s health benefit exchange, encourages regional collaborations among providers and communities, and makes investments in health care infrastructure and health information technology to transform the health care delivery system. Read more ...

2014 Report Card (1/16/2014)

ACEP's Report Card to evaluate the overall emergency care environment both nationally and on a state-by-state basis was released Thursday, January 16, 2014. This is not a report on the emergency care delivered in any specific hospital or by any individual physician, but rather an evaluation of how well the country supports emergency care. Read more ...

Study: Expanding Medicaid Doesn’t Reduce ER Trips (1/2/2014)

It increases them. The Washington Post reports as the health-care law expands Medicaid to cover millions more Americans, a new Harvard University study finds that enrollment in public program significantly increases enrollees' use of emergency departments. Read more at this link

Oregon Study Finds that Medicaid Coverage Increases Emergency Room Visits (1/2/2014)

Advocates of universal health coverage have long argued that better access to primary care will lead to a reduction in costly emergency room visits. But a new study conducted in Oregon has found the reverse is true. Read more at this link

Emergency Visits Seen Increasing With Health Law (1/2/2014)

Supporters of President Obama’s health care law had predicted that expanding insurance coverage for the poor would reduce costly emergency room visits because people would go to primary care doctors instead. But a rigorous new experiment in Oregon has raised questions about that assumption, finding that newly insured people actually went to the emergency room a good deal more often. Read more at