The New York American College of Emergency Physicians exists to support quality emergency medical care and to promote the interest of emergency physicians.

Legislative Priorities

New York ACEP and Emergency Medicine
The New York American College of Emergency Physicians represents over 2,900 emergency physicians across the state that have a shared mission to provide the highest quality emergency medical care for all patients regardless of their ability to pay for care. Emergency Departments (EDs) and the people who work there play an invaluable role in every community across the State as the entry point for the health care needs of all New Yorkers.

Emergency physicians are one of the largest indigent care providers in the State, providing care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to every patient who walks in the door, regardless of the patients’ ability to pay. Over 8.5 million people visit New York’s EDs every year. With the increased threat of terrorism in New York or a pandemic or natural disaster, it is particularly important for EDs to be prepared for the possibility of large-scale emergency crises. However, even without these threats, the State’s emergency care network is threatened by crowding of hospitals, lack of on call specialists to provide specialty care within emergency departments and inadequate Medicaid reimbursement rates.


2018 Legislative Priorities