The New York American College of Emergency Physicians exists to support quality emergency medical care and to promote the interest of emergency physicians.

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2017 Legislative Session

Reduce "Avoidable" Emergency Department Visits by 25%
2017-18 Executive Budget Proposal
Memorandum in Opposition - New York ACEP successfully lobbied to avoid a $20 million reduction in ED reimbursement.

Budget Proposal to Fund and Extend Excess Medical Liability Program
Memorandum in Support - New York ACEP successfully lobbied for the passage of this provision in the State budget.

Non‐occupational Post Exposure Prophylaxis (nPEP) Availability in Emergency Departments and Urgent Care Facilities
2017-18 Executive Proposal to END AIDS (bill yet to be introduced)
Memorandum in Support

Date of Discovery
A3339 (Weinstein)
Memorandum in Opposition

Date of Discovery
S4080 (DeFrancisco)
Memorandum in Opposition

Health Care Regulation Modernization Team
S2007/A3007 Article VII Budget Bill Part L
Memorandum in Opposition - New York ACEP successfully defeated the bill.

Establishment of a Registry System for MOLST
S966 Funke/A2316 Morelle
Memorandum in Support

Governor's State of the State Proposal to Eliminate the Exemption in Emergency Departments to Consult the Prescription Monitoring Program for Supplies Not Exceeding 5 Days
Memorandum in Opposition (bill yet to be introduced)