The New York American College of Emergency Physicians exists to support quality emergency medical care and to promote the interest of emergency physicians.

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Government Advocacy

Emergency physicians in New York are facing a number of critical issues from hospital crowding to rising medical malpractice insurance and dwindling reimbursement. We are working to convince New York legislators and the administration that reforms in these areas are necessary to protect emergency medical care and EMS services for New York’s citizens. New York ACEP is there representing you and your specialty on the key issues.
Members of the New York State Legislature know who we are and know what issues are important to emergency medicine. Since 2007, New York ACEP’s presence in the State Capitol was instrumental in defeating an attempt to pass balance billing legislation or set a default rate for emergency services.
In 2013, New York ACEP was successful in working to help defeat legislation to eliminate the requirements for written collaboration agreements and practice protocols between Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and physicians Nurse Practitioner Independent Practice S4611-A (Young)/A4648-A (Gottfried). New York ACEP also opposed legislation, which was held in committee, for the Date of Discovery A1056 (Weinstein)/S744 (Fuschillo).
New York ACEP successfully lobbied for an exemption for emergency departments from legislation that requires physicians to offer Hepatitis C Testing S2750-A (Hannon)/A1286-A (Zebrowski). New York ACEP strongly supported legislation to provide fair payment to emergency physicians, S2551 (Hannon)/A7253 (Montesano), to regulate billing, reimbursement and consumer disclosure for health care services provided to patients by “out-of-network (OON)” health care providers who do not participate in a patient’s health insurance plan. The OON bill passed the Senate. The bill died in the Insurance Committee in the Assembly. Read 2013 legislative highlights
In 2012, New York ACEP and Other Partners in Medicine Defeat Nurse Practitioner Independent Practice Bill A.5308A, Gottfried/ S.3289A, Young; New York ACEP Achieves Five-Day Exemption from Prescription Drug Reform (I-STOP) Legislation S.7637, Lanza/ A.10623, Cusick; and the Out-Of-Network Legislation Passes State Senate S.7754, Hannon. Read 2012 legislative highlights

In 2011, New York ACEP was able to work to defeat a number of regressive liability measures including bills to create a date of discovery rule for the statute of limitations, expand wrongful death damages, eliminate the limitations on contingency fees, and others. Read 2011 legislative highlights
In 2010, New York ACEP was successful in getting legislation enacted into law to address no fault insurance coverage of emergency treatment of intoxicated drivers. Legislation was also signed into law to permit HIV testing of patients in cases of occupational exposure. 
A new session of the legislature begins in January, and with it comes the opportunity for New York ACEP to make an impact.  During the session, we will focus on reducing hospital crowding and ambulance diversion, ensuring patient access to specialty care by opposing efforts to prohibit balance billing or a default rate for emergency services, and advocating for sufficient resources for New York’s emergency departments.
Health care delivery changes daily and our interest must be protected.  New York ACEP is your advocate in Albany working to improve your work environment.

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