The New York American College of Emergency Physicians exists to support quality emergency medical care and to promote the interest of emergency physicians.

2017 Councillors

Brahim Ardolic, MD FACEP
Jay M. Brenner, MD FACEP
Samuel F. Bosco, MD FACEP
Matt P. Camara, MD, resident representative
Jeremy Cushman, MD FACEP
Michael W. Dailey, MD FACEP
Jason D'Amore, MD FACEP
Theodore J. Gaeta, DO MPH FACEP
Sanjey Gupta, MD FACEP FAWM
Abbas Husain, MD FACEP
Stuart G. Kessler, MD FACEP
Penelope C. Lema, MD FACEP
Joshua B. Moskovitz, MD MBA MPH FACEP
Nestor B. Nestor, MD FACEP
William F. Paolo, Jr., MD FACEP
Salvatore R. Pardo, MD FACEP
Louise A. Prince, MD FACEP
Mikhil Podlog, DO, resident representative
Jennifer L. Pugh, MD MBA FACEP
Jeffrey Rabrich, DO FACEP FAEMS
Christopher C. Raio, MD MBA FACEP
Gary S. Rudolph, MD FACEP
James G. Ryan, MD FACEP
Livia M. Santiago-Rosado, MD FACEP
Virgil W. Smaltz, MD MPA FACEP
Peter Viccellio, MD FACEP

Theodore Albright, MD
Adam Ash, DO FACEP
Tanya Bajaj, DO
Nicole Berwald, MD FACEP
Mathew Foley, MD FACEP
Marc P. Kanter, MD FACEP
Catherine Kelly, DO
Jeffrey J. Thompson, MD FACEP
Joseph A. Zito, MD MHA FACEP