The New York American College of Emergency Physicians exists to support quality emergency medical care and to promote the interest of emergency physicians.

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Committee Participation

Participation at the committee level is a great way to introduce yourself into the activities of New York ACEP. Committee member appointments are made by the President in consultation with the committee chair. Members with specific interests or expertise are encouraged to apply for committee membership.

Committee members serve for two years and may indicate an interest in reappointment. Reappointment however is not automatic and is at the discretion of the incoming President. The majority of committee work is accomplished through email and monthly conference calls. Committee members are required to participate in at least 6 of the 10 conference calls and expected to attend the in-person committee meeting held during the Scientific Assembly in July.

Members interested in serving on a New York ACEP committee are asked to complete this form.

New York ACEP Committees

Education Committee - This committee is responsible for assuring the availability of high-quality undergraduate and graduate education in emergency medicine and will be the key provider of continuing education in emergency medicine in New York State.

Emergency Medicine Resident Committee - The Emergency Medicine Resident Committee provides a unified voice for emergency medicine residents in New York State.

Emergency Medical Services Committee - The EMS Committee provides medical leadership in the advancement of the state EMS system.

Government Affairs Committee - The Government Affairs Committee is New York ACEP’s key advocate for high-quality emergency care and public policy relating to emergency medicine and the recognized authority on emergency medical issues.

Practice Management Committee - The Practice Management Committee promotes safe, efficient and high-quality patient care practiced in a fair, equitable, safe and supportive environment and assists members in gaining greater influence over their practice environment.

Professional Development Committee - This committee is responsible for promoting the value of ACEP membership, enhance communication and increase participation of its varied membership.

Research Committee - The New York ACEP Research Committee fosters and supports emergency medicine research and research education in New York State. It is responsible for developing a statewide network of emergency medicine investigators and clinicians positioned to develop data to create an agenda for the future of emergency medicine in New York State.