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December 16, 2020 -

Hospitals Must Balance Patient Loads Within Systems; Hospital Systems Must Form Agreements with Neighboring Systems to Share Patient Loads

Independent Hospitals Must Participate in Local Patient Load Balancing with Neighboring Hospital Systems

Hospitals Must be Prepared to Achieve 15 Percent Staffed Bed Capacity Growth within 72 Hours if a Significant COVID Surge Occurs

Greater New York Hospital Association President and CEO Ken Raske and Hospital Association of New York State President Bea Grause will Assist New York State Enforcing Directives

Directives Part of "Surge and Flex" Strategy for Managing Hospital Capacity

Hospitals were directed to expand capacity by 25 percent on December 7, and directed to expand by an additional 25 percent or cancel elective surgeries on December 11. These directives are part of New York State's Surge and Flex strategy for managing hospital capacity. The letter is available in PDF form here.