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ACEP Working with the Joint Commission on Common Concerns

January 28, 2020 -

ACEP has confirmed that The Joint Commission does not forbid eating and drinking at the workstation. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) also does not have a prohibition against the consumption of food and beverages at work stations, including those in the emergency department (ED). However, some hospitals do have rules that designate a "safe space" for emergency staff to eat or drink. For related ACEP resources to help you advocate for improvements at your place of employment, visit www.acep.org/letseat.

The second-most common concern was the requirement for 1:1 sitters for patients who are suicidal, along with universal screening for suicide patients. The Joint Commission recommends universal screening for suicidality but only requires it for patients who present with behavioral emergencies. They do, however, require 1:1 sitters for suicidal patients and ACEP is discussing appropriate alternatives with them.

Cleaning the ultrasound machine, the need to laminate all posted notices and the number of screens performed by triage nurses are all member concerns ACEP is working with the The Joint Commission to address and determine how many are related to The Joint Commission regulations and how many are unique to specific hospital policies.