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Political Action Committee

For New York ACEP to make a legislative impact, we need emergency physicians to contribute to NYEMPAC. Invest in emergency medicine’s legislative efforts in New York State. NYEMPAC offers a variety of giving levels so every emergency medicine physician can become involved in the political process.

nyempac-contrib-new-175x135   Chairman $1,000+
Political Visionary $500
Policy Driver    $250-$499
Grassroots Activist   $95-$249
Practice Advocate $10-$94

NYEMPAC, the New York Emergency Medicine Political Action Committee, aggressively pursues the election and re-election of candidates for state office who will stand up and support emergency medicine issues. NYEMPAC is governed by a Board of Trustees, who direct the organization’s contributions. NYEMPAC makes contributions to members of both political parties.

The NYEMPAC Board works with New York ACEP’s lobbyists and staff to identify candidates who are sensitive to the concerns of emergency physicians and patients seeking emergency care.

Emergency physicians in New York are facing a number of critical issues from hospital crowding to rising medical malpractice insurance and dwindling reimbursement. We are working to convince New York legislators and the administration that reforms in these areas are necessary to protect emergency medical care and EMS services for New York’s citizens.

We can only be effective with a strong political action committee. Thanks to the growth of NYEMPAC, New York ACEP has been able to increase its involvement in the political process. Members of the New York State legislature know who we are, know we are involved, and know what issues are important to us because of NYEMPAC.

Thanks to our contributors generosity. We must do better to achieve our goals! We set a $50,000 goal for 2013.

Let's face it. Advocacy is not just having the "right" position on issues; it's having the proper resources to deliver our message and tell our story. The New York Emergency Medicine Political Action Committee is that resource. Get involved by joining hundreds of physicians who agree that NYEMPAC is the best investment you can make to influence our profession's long term growth. A new session of the legislature began in January, and with it comes the opportunity for New York ACEP to make an impact. NYEMPAC offers a variety of giving levels so every emergency medicine physician can become involved in the political process.

icon-check-mark-175Write a personal check made payable to NYEMPAC or contribute by credit card online at our secure site
by clicking Contribute Now.

Board of Trustees

Daniel G. Murphy, MD MBA FACEP, St. Barnabas Hospital, Chair
Brahim Ardolic, MD FACEP, Staten Island University Hospita, Vice Chair
JoAnne Tarantelli, New York ACEP Executive Director, NYEMPAC Treasurer
Jeremy T. Cushman, MD MS FACEP, University of Rochester
Raymond Iannaccone, MD FACEP, Emergency Medical Associates
Louise A. Prince, MD FACEP, SUNY Upstate Medical University

NYEMPAC-promo-1-400x575NYEMPAC Contributors

January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012

Chairman $1,000+
Daniel G Murphy, MD MBA FACEP

Political Visionary $500+
Benjamin Bernstein, MD FACEP
Jeremy T Cushman, MD FACEP
Michael Stratemeier, MD FACEP

Policy Driver $250-$499

Michael G Guttenberg,  DO FACEP
William Holubek, MD MPH
Louise A Prince, MD FACEP
Virgil W Smaltz, MD MPA FACEP

Grassroots Activist $95-$249

Orlando G Adamson, MD 
Fahim S Ahmed, DO FACEP
Jason R Alejandro, MD 
Gregory L Almond, MD FACEP
Michael John Ameres, MD FACEP
Rauvan M Averick, MD FACEP
James P Axford Jr, MD FACEP
April A Baker, MD 
Barbara J Barnett, MD FACEP
Kevin M Baumlin, MD 
Mary Karolyn Bennett, MD FACEP
Jason E Bernad, MD FACEP
Nicole Berwald, MD FACEP
Kishanrao Bogavelli, MD 
Samuel F Bosco, MD FACEP
John D Broderick Jr, MD FACEP
Francine H Brooks, MD FACEP
Andrew Butterfass, MD FACEP
Michael J Cabezon, MD FACEP
James D Campagna, MD 
Robert E Canter, MD FACEP
David S Cherkas, MD FACEP
Anup Chitnis, MD 
Kevin J Corcoran, DO FACEP
Peter W Crane, MD MBA FACEP
Michael H Cullen, MD 
Carol B Curran, MD 
Brenda S D'Amico, MD FACEP
Teresa Deak, MD 
Deborah A Dean, MD 
Sydney E DeAngelis, MD 
Stephen J DeHorn, MD 
Peter K Dittmar, MD FACEP
Christopher I Doty, MD FACEP
Richard Dow, MD 
Yves Duroseau, MD 
James K Dwyer, MD FACEP
Frank J Edwards, MD FACEP
Richard S Elman, MD FACEP
Dina M Farrell, MD FACEP
Leonard S Franco, MD FACEP
Bryan Gargano, MD FACEP
Barbara J Gatton, MD 
Flavio G Gaudio, MD FACEP
Nicholas G Genes, MD FACEP
James F Giglio, MD FACEP
Jacob K Goertz, MD FACEP
Carl Goodman, DO FACEP
Keith Grams, MD FACEP
Timothy A Grau, MD 
Stephen L Grayson, MD FACEP
Brad R Green, MD 
Sanjey Gupta, MD FACEP
Marc S Harris, DO FACEP
Timothy G Haydock, MD FACEP
Michael B Heller, MD FACEP
Mark C Henry, MD FACEP
Braden Hexom, MD FACEP
Carlos Patrick Holden, MD FACEP
Mark P Hoornstra, MD FACEP
Hanson Hsu, MD FACEP
Raymond Iannaccone, MD FACEP
Andy S Jagoda, MD FACEP
Eddy Jean-Baptiste, MD FACEP
Michael F Jefferson, MD FACEP
Dara A Kass, MD FACEP
Christine Y Kauh, MD FACEP
John G Keene, MD FACEP
James F Kenny, MD FACEP
Michael J Keyes, Jr., MD 
Boris Khodorkovsky, MD FACEP
Paul A Koenig, MD FACEP
Katarzyna Koscielna, DO 
Richard S Krause, MD FACEP
Erica Kreismann, MD 
Jason E Kubert, MD 
Mark J Leber, MD FACEP
Conroy S Lee, MD FACEP
Bryan W Lee, MD 
Eric L Legome, MD FACEP
Nadine Levick, MD 
Robert H Leviton, MD MPH FACEP
David Lobel, MD FACEP
Jessica Anne Lopez, MD 
Michael Lu, MD 
Matthew J Lurin, MD FACEP
Stephan G Lynn, MD FACEP
Douglas Robert Mailly, MD 
Nima Majlesi, DO 
Samuel N Mark, MD FACEP
Joseph P Markham, MD FACEP
John Paul Marshall, MD FACEP
Cynthia Martinez-Capolino, MD 
Donald H McKnight Jr, MD FACEP
Carl A Mealie, MD FACEP
Tommy J Meder, MD 
Mark Andrew Melrose, DO FACEP
Cerrah L Mendelsohn-Elzam, MD 
Ivan T Miller, MD FACEP
Fe J Murphy, MD 
Antonio Napolitano, MD FACEP
Eric A Nazziola, MD FACEP
Nestor B Nestor, MD FACEP
David H Newman, MD FACEP
Danielle Susan Notebaert, MD FACEP
Chiemeka J Nwokonko, MD 
Marisa L Oishi, MD MPH
Bruce David Oran, DO FACEP
Jane O'Shaughnessy, MD FACEP
Patrick O'Shaughnessy, DO FACEP
Anjali Pant, MD FACEP
Vaishali R Patel, MD FACEP
Patricia Tram Phan, MD FACEP
Gina Marie Piazza, DO FACEP
Joseph Ponticiello, MD FACEP
Josh W Quaas, MD 
Michael S Radeos, MD FACEP
Teresa M Rainone, MD FACEP
Carl V Ramsay, MD FACEP
Charlotte E Reich, MD 
Stephan Rinnert, MD FACEP
Lisa M Roazen, MD FACEP
Carol H Roeder, MD FACEP
Mark I Rogers, MD FACEP
Robert Charles Rothberg, MD FACEP
Tim G Runge, MD FACEP
Anthony R Ruvo, MD FACEP
Elijah Sadaphal, MD FACEP
Michael A Sama, MD FACEP
Surinder Singh Sandhu, MD FACEP
Steven R Sattler, DO 
Richard J Scardino, MD 
Ann E Schapiro, MD 
Alan L Schechter, MD FACEP
Lawrence R Schiff, MD FACEP
Paul F Schmidt, MD 
Nicholas A Schwartz, MD 
Lawrence Mark Sherman, MD 
Christopher P Shields, MD FACEP
Neal M Shipley, MD FACEP
Ashley Shreves, MD 
Mark Silberman, MD FACEP
Eric J Silva, MD FACEP
Reuven D Singer, MD 
Kendra Smith, MD 
Roger L Smoke, MD FACEP
Peter L Sosnow, MD FACEP
Matthew Taylor Spencer, MD 
Christopher Stahmer, MD 
Craig Stanger, MD FACEP
Richard J Steinmann, MD FACEP
Jennifer Stratton, MD 
Scott R Strumpfler, MD FACEP
John K Sullivan, MD FACEP
Sarah Sullivan, MD 
LouAnne L Tenkate, MD FACEP
Mala Trivedi, MD 
Alexander Tsukerman, MD FACEP
Peter Viccellio, MD FACEP
Annette M Visconti, MD FACEP
Victoria Vogel, MD FACEP
Erica Alexis Walters, MD 
Moshe Weizberg, MD FACEP
Mervyn R Whelan, MD FACEP
Darin G Wiggins, MD 
Mark E Winther, MD FACEP
David Wirtz, MD FACEP
Andrew Wollowitz, MD 
Ambrose H Wong, MD 
Ramy Yakobi-Shvili, MD 
Raymond Yun, MD 
Ryan Zapata, MD FACEP
Steven J Zimmerman, MD FACEP



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    Webster, NY 14580-2986
  • (585) 872-2417
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